How much does personal trainer cost?

What is Personal Fitness Training?

If you are going to a gym, you can see lots of people working out. if you are a newbie probably you could have no idea where to start. There will be lot of questions on your mind such as

  1. Which workout should I do first?
  2. What are all these machines in the gym and what they do?
  3. How to warm up before workout?

So, you need a guide to properly train you, to educate you step by step. Personal Trainers are person who will be working with you to train you in the gym.

Why Personal Trainers Are Required?

Personal Trainer is not a simple job. They are responsible for your overall health and well-being. They will closely monitor you when you are performing any workout and will help your correct your movement. If your movement is not proper while doing any workout, you will get muscle damage or posture damage.

Meaning, you might end up having wrong postures or muscle injuries like muscle spasm, muscle tear, etc,. A personal trainer will guide you from basics and help you avoid these unwanted injuries from happening.

Apart from this, a personal trainer will help you stay motivated in the gym.

Types of Personal Training?

There are 2 basic types of personal training.

  1. Online personal Training
  2. Offline (of) In-Gym Personal Training

Online personal Training

Online Personal Trainer is a person who will be working you remotely. You can hire a personal trainer anywhere around the globe to train you. You can choose to workout in your home itself or you can join a gym, it depends upon your personal goal and trainers guidance.

Offline / In-Gym Personal Training

Offline Personal Trainer is nothing but a personal trainer in your gym who will be working with you delicately in person in your gym. You can hire a personal trainer to workout in gym or you can ask them to come to your home to train you.

Personal Trainer Cost In Chennai?

Personal Trainer Cost In Chennai varies from gym to gym and trainer to trainer. There are several factors included when it comes to cost of a personal training.

  1. Offline / On-Line
  2. Gym / Home ( if offline )
  3. Services ( diet, 1-1 video / only plans )
  4. Trainer’s Expertise

Normally, you can expect anywhere around Rs.3000 – Rs.1000 for month for personal training sessions in Chennai. It may go high depending upon the factors I mentioned above.

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